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Just discovered PostgREST

It basically creates a RESTful API out of a PostgreSQL schema, allowing queries in endpoints, etc. Worth checking it out of you are in need of something similar!

Just about to import my follow list from @diegovicente ... For all those who follow me there, a follow in this new account is greatly appreciated! 😊

I just discovered, a website to test different coding fonts. That would have been useful some months ago when I was searching for the perfect match!

And to wrap up the day, some really good tunes: my favourite song of Sons of Kemet, included in ones of the most brave and interesting albums of 2018.

Testing one two, one two! Looks like I was able to properly set my single-user instance. 😁

Most likely tomorrow I'll start exporting the follow list and start promoting this as a test account from; let's see how this experiment goes!


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