I was not expecting this in my neighborhood.

(it was not me I swear)

Yesterday I decided to rescue my Pocket CHIP from oblivion and start playing again with it.. The company behind it crashed, but everything was open source so it should be more or less fine.

To flash it, I was getting an error about the machine not being in FEL mode. I assumed it was a flash mode that was enabled in the settings menu, until I noticed that the verb was "jumpered in FEL mode". I actually had to physically bridge two GPIO pins! This is so funny

The idea of an "arrogant upstream" is in and of itself an excellent example of the entilted garbage upstreams have to deal with

@captainepoch had a cron job set to run each 2 weeks, which is clearly not enough. Setting the time will work while I research prometheus, which looks super interesting. Thanks, @sir !

Turns out my instance was toast for two hours because it reached its hard disk limit: live/public was around 25G

, any tips for maintenance to prevent reaching the limit in the future (apart from `tootctl media remove`)?

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"Why do I need a 4Ghz quadcore to run facebook?" This is why. A single word split up into 11 HTML DOM elements to avoid adblockers.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/themikepan/status/

The year is 2025. Mastodon has 3 separate federations: "The Core Instances", "The Badlands" and "The Outer Rim Worlds". The Outer Rim Worlds, long since cut off from the Mastodon Core, have developed their own set of rules. Some say, they are even working on their own Mastodon code base, but no one knows for sure anymore, as most are too afraid to venture past...The Badlands.

TIL that I cannot set $TEMP as an environmental variable for my stuff because some tools (i.e Firefox, Node.js) use it as the default location for temporal storage (I assumed it was usually /tmp by default) and it can break several things

mfw i realize my phone that was designed to fail after a few years was literally called "Nexus 6"

And today is the aftermath of where I can grab some chocolate and coffee to chill a bit before flying back home.

tl;dr: meetups > devrooms > keynotes, sr.ht is awesome, I sincerely hope Solid will be awesome, the veggie burgers are amazing even if you eat meat, and the weather in Brussels changes super fast.

One thing is for sure, see you in FOSDEM 2020!

@vertigo not sure what the exact behavior is in vim, but looks like auto-complete and company are the packages you may be looking for. I personally use company, which is a bit lighter


My first week on the self-hosted instance! So far, it was great. First days before proper federation were a bit quiet, but now the public timeline actually looks quite crowded and interesting!

I think I'm going to stay here, mastodon.social is really not my cup of tea anymore.

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here's a super interesting fishy ive been lowkey obsessed with for years... this is a blue glaucus! you might have seen them around before because theyre so stunning!

it's actually a sea slug that feeds on portuguese man o' wars, it can store the venom from those for later use so it can Really pack a punch and i think thats just swell

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