I was not expecting this in my neighborhood.

(it was not me I swear)

Yesterday I decided to rescue my Pocket CHIP from oblivion and start playing again with it.. The company behind it crashed, but everything was open source so it should be more or less fine.

To flash it, I was getting an error about the machine not being in FEL mode. I assumed it was a flash mode that was enabled in the settings menu, until I noticed that the verb was "jumpered in FEL mode". I actually had to physically bridge two GPIO pins! This is so funny

And today is the aftermath of where I can grab some chocolate and coffee to chill a bit before flying back home.

tl;dr: meetups > devrooms > keynotes, sr.ht is awesome, I sincerely hope Solid will be awesome, the veggie burgers are amazing even if you eat meat, and the weather in Brussels changes super fast.

One thing is for sure, see you in FOSDEM 2020!

I watched Ghost Stories (2018) a couple days ago and it was frankly much better than I expected. Not the horror movie that is going to change your life (I have a recommendation for that too) but still is fairly well made and entertaining.

It helps that every time I'm about to watch a horror movie I assume it's going to be painfully mediocre, but still, that is a healthy attitude to have if you like the genre. imdb.com/title/tt5516328/

There's this guy next to me in the subway playing Tetris that can probably hear me grunt each time he messes up because of the shitty smartphone controls.

Like seriously he almost had a breakdown when that clusterfuck in the left happened.


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