My first week on the self-hosted instance! So far, it was great. First days before proper federation were a bit quiet, but now the public timeline actually looks quite crowded and interesting!

I think I'm going to stay here, is really not my cup of tea anymore.

@diego - I like you host my own instance. I did so from the beginning because I couldn't find an instance I thought would be a home.

What I've enjoyed is the organic curation of new 'friends'. I would have hoped more of my established network might have followed me or at least explored a little away from the 'big' name social media routes...

> I would have hoped more of my established network might have followed me or at least explored a little away from the 'big' name social media routes

I've tried the same, and pretty much failed miserably. My friends consider the network effect much more important than any argument about freedom or privacy. I'd need a few more big scandals before the truth hit home.


@fitheach @diego - I think for me the 'reach' of those social networks is so entrenched and folks are captive through an inability to break out from them. Almost as if folks are scared of thinking/acting for themselves. To me it also seems to span not just online experiences but offline ones too. Everyone, young and old don't seem to have any independent thoughts anymore...

With my friends there are two categories:
* friends & family
* celebrities/politicians/sports

The second one isn't such a great problem, as it is possible to follow them without being a member of the network. Celebs etc don't tend to interact with plebs anyway.

Friends/family is much more difficult because they *do* interact and you have to be a member of said network to do that.


@fitheach - I just gave everyone the 'new' alternative, email and my snailmail address...

For me my categories where 'friends/family' and my 'clients'. The latter was an issue as my main advertising medium was based on one of those 'big' mediums...

Essentially it has focused my future intentions in regard to life and work by considering/making the move to an alternative social network.


Why not do both?
@markosaric is your man, he has all the stats about blogging/social media for promoting your business.


@fitheach - ugh..! No thanks. Hardsell of WP and some host...

Can't do what I do via a blog anyway.

I have clients who are looking for a bespoke offering. Numbers are not important for me in the end, only that the client has an experience they can't get elsewhere under mainstream offerings.

Any 'advertising' for me is basically a way of saying' hey, look, I don't offer what you can get from multiple other providers', 'my offer is purely bespoke to you'.


@fitheach -

Word of Mouth has always been my main way forward, any social media presence really only a way of saying 'look what you could be doing too...'


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